Javascript or JS is a client-side language that can be used with client side or with server-side programming. Javascript has gained vast popularity in term of web development. As it is very easy to learn and it won’t take much time to learn all the basics concepts and jump on to the next generation libraries such as ReactJs or JQuery. Javascript is a high level language that is often compiled on runtime.

Java and Javascript?

There is a great difference between javascript and java. Same like how would you differentiate between car and carpenter. Similarly, this is the diference between java and javascript. Do not think of these  two things as a single entity. Java is used for mobile app development and javascript is used for web applications development.

Why do we use javascript?

Javascript has become a very proactive and fast-growing technology in field of web development. Javascript is mainly used with HTML and CSS. HTML and CSS are used to give a basic skeleton to a website whereas then Javascript is added to it to make it functioning dynamically. Javascript has variety of uses in client-side web development and comparatively has made web development very easy. 

What is ECMAscript (ES6)?

ECMA script is a standard scripting language that is to be followed by scripting languages under standardized maintenances set by ECMA standards. Javascript follows the standards. ES6 or ECMAscript brings new and easily understandable syntax for the developers and learners to help them making easiness in development. Arrow function is an example of ES6.

Why ECMAscript is important?

ECMAscript of ES6 is a standard maimntaned by he ECMA international. Most of the new technologies are based on ECMA standards so once you learn ECMA script in javascript it becomes very easy for you to get into any framework or advanced javascript without any sort of hustle. It allows you to code less and to code in modern style as well as easily understandable.

For example, you learnt all the basics of javascripts but you ignored the advancements of javascript and directly wished to jump to the framework like reactJS. Now, it becomes very handy for that  person to cover up with this as I mentioned earlier that learning ES6 is as important as learning javascript basics.

 Libraries in javascript?

There are tons of libraries in javscript that made on javascript such as REDUX, JQuery, ReactJS etc. Libraries are a piece of code functioned in a manner to make the coder or developer to perform his task in easy and wonderful manner in few lines of code instead of using long way code going down and down.

What will we learn?

There are variety of topics to be learned in this huge platform. We would cover all the basics with daily life example and a practical homeworks.  We will be covering the hot topics of javascript basics with a lot of practical examples and homeworks and will go towards advanced javascript. After covering this course we will be able to create dynamic web pages and routings in them. We will also develop a complete project at the end of the basic course and will then jump towards advanced javascript ES6.

Based upon the response of our readers and learners we will then decide to cover up the awesome libraries in javascript that includes JQuery, React, Redux and many more.

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