If you have just started learning game development or even if you are interested in searching best gaming laptop and you are confused about choosing the best laptops for game development then this blog is for you. Choosing the best laptop for game development is quite a tough task. It is just like searching for a needle in a massive park. This is not because of the limited number of options available in the market but it is due to a large number of options available in the market. This searches a good laptop a tough task either best gaming laptop or even searching for best laptops for game development. The majority of the laptops provide the same specifications and filtering out the best amongst the list of many laptops is a tough task.

After a lot of research and checking tons of reviews, we have filtered out the 5 best laptops for game development so that you guys can select the best one for you amongst the top 5 laptops for game development.


Before getting into the discussion of the best laptops for game development, let me tell you guys why a very good laptop is essential for game development in this 21st century. As we all know that game development is a heavy task. Your laptop should be good at . Almost everything. From PROCESSOR to RAM to Graphic card to storage, everything needs to be of the highest if you are looking for either best laptop for game development or you are happy in finding best gaming laptop.

Let’s imagine that you are building a 3D game and your laptop suddenly stops or hangs or does not support the graphics of your game then this will shatter your confidence. This will also interrupt the workflow and you will find it hard to concentrate on your project. So, a smooth development process is very crucial for good game development.

You can manage simple 2D games with basic laptops without much processing power and graphic features but even for an average 3D game, you will need a laptop with high features.

”The Laptop is the same to the game developer as a gun to the soldier or an axe to the woodcutter.”

If a soldier has a rusty gun or a gun without bullets then he will never be able to achieve the goals assigned to him. 

And a woodcutter without a sharp axe would not be able to perform his duties with perfection.

The same is with the game developer.

In simple words, you have to invest in a good laptop if you want to become a professional game developer.

Best laptops for game development ?

One thing that needs to get clear here that a good laptop for game development does not mean that it is only restricted to game development or best gaming laptop. A good laptop for game development means that you can do any other developmental task on that laptop with much ease and playing game is same as it is, you develop a game means you should have that sort of best gaming laptop as well which can also be considered as best laptops for game development and moreover can be a best gaming laptop. Moreover, that kind of laptop will also be very efficient for playing different kinds of high graphics games.

What things should be considered while buying a laptop for game development ?


Before actually listing out the 5 best laptops for game development, I would like you to know about the major specifications that you must look for when buying a good laptop for game development. 

That being said, let’s deep dive into the major specifications for a good game development laptop. 

  • CPU
  • GPU
  • RAM


There is a perception among the people that for game development and gaming stuff, the only thing that matters is the good GPU. That is not correct at all. GPU is really important for game development and gaming but it does not mean that GPU is the only thing you need for a good game development laptop. You can not simply compromise on the CPU.


As we all know that a CPU or a processor is responsible for the overall performance of a laptop. So, a good processor is very important for game development or a gaming laptop as well.

Secondly, the CPU is responsible for all the calculations that usually take place within the game. Nowadays, many games are being built with artificial technology in them so a good processor is very important for a fast development process.


9th Gen Intel Core i5


10th Gen Intel Core i7 or better


GPU is one of the most important specs that you might look into when buying a good laptop for game development. Before discussing the exact required GPU for a game development laptop, let me give you a brief introduction of the GPU and,

why it is important ?

What is GPU and why is it important ?

As we all know, the CPU handles multiple types of data at once like if we are working on our excel file, watching a youtube video, surfing on the internet. The CPU will perform all of the mentioned tasks in a parallel manner. On the other hand, the GPU does not perform multiple tasks. It only takes care of the graphics. 

Let me explain this to you with the help of an example.

If you are playing a game like COUNTER-STRIKE then your GPU will be responsible for managing all the graphics of your game. GPU will manage the background colors, 

background shifts, smooth movement of the object, and many many more.

So, by now you guys know what is GPU and why it is important in game development. Now I will brief you about the minimum and the recommended specs for a good GPU.


Dedicated GPU with 2GB VRAM


Dedicated GPU 4GB VRAM


You guys must be thinking that why RAM is important for game development and gaming. As we all know that RAM is crucial for multiTasking. It also plays a very crucial role in game development and gaming. Whenever you start a game, it loads into the RAM. So a better RAM means better performance and better loading time.


You have to consider the following factors while deciding on a good RAM.


I won’t be going into the details of each term stated above, in fact, I will be directly listing the minimum and exact requirements of each of the factors.





16GB or above 





16 or LOWER







To be very honest with you guys, the exact storage in a laptop entirely depends on personalized use. As a game developer, you will be storing large graphic files and you will also be downloading much large software that will occupy huge space. So, if you are working individually on a small-scale project then you might not need extra storage but if you are working as a team on large projects then you might need some extra space to store all of your data.

As I said earlier, the exact storage a laptop must contain depends upon personalized use but below I will be listing the minimum threshold and the recommended storage that your laptop must contain.


1 TeraByte


2-4 Tera Byte


I believe that this is one of the specifications that are important for every developer. Not only the game developer but all the developers want their laptop batteries to give a good backup time.




10 hours or above

Best laptops for game development

Now, when we are finally done with the major specifications that you might want from your game development laptop. Now, It’s time to show you guys the 5 most suitable laptops for game development.

Let me make one thing very clear here, all the laptops that are included in the below list are researched thoroughly. After doing complete research on hundreds of laptops, I have shortlisted these 5 gems that you can use for game development to have one of the best experiences in the world.


  1. New Apple MacBook Pro
  2. Dell XPS 15
  3. Lenovo Legion Y720 Gaming Laptop
  4. Asus ZenBook Pro Duo
  5. HP Omen 15

New Apple MacBook Pro

Well, if you want a laptop to do multitasking without any bogging then this laptop is for you. You can perform tons of different tasks with this laptop without any stoppage. It has a very smooth user experience. It has an 8 core GPU that will boost your gaming experience. New Apple MacBook Pro comes with 256GB and 512Gb SSD and it is configurable up to 4TB. New Apple MacBook Pro has a day-long battery life which is a big plus for this laptop. It has the same shape as compared to its previous versions. It is quite light that makes it easy to carry along. It is quite slim which gives it a very stylish look.it has great speakers and its keyboard is called magic keyboard which allows a very soft click on the keyboard. This laptop is vastly used by developers and other software professionals. I think that this laptop provides great value to your money. Being a software developer myself, I will personally select this laptop for all the development stuff.

  • Excellent battery life
  • Extendable RAM upto 32 GG
  • Display is very smooth.
  • Scroll performance slacks.
  • No touch screen.

Dell XPS 15

Well, if you have used DELL XPS 13 before then DELL XPS 15 feels like an elder brother of it. It is very much similar to DELL XPS 13 despite few changes. DELL XPS 15 is much bigger in size. USB charging is also introduced in it. It looks much like MacBook air. If we talk about its processor, it has one of the best processors that would really fasten the process of game development. It will perform all the computations that are involved in the game development in a much quicker way. Thus, giving a good development experience With its four cores, the user will be able to do multitasking.

It has 8GB DDR4 RAM that would fasten the overall speed of the laptop. If we talk about storage, I believe that this laptop has enough storage that a game development developer would want from a laptop. With, 256GB of Hard drive, t comes with M2. SSD which is really a big plus. It has a battery timing of more than 6 hours that would give you enough power backup to work with much ease. If we talk about its build quality, it is quite strong. Its sleek shape gives it a very attractive look as well. You can call it one of the most stylish DELL devices. Moreover, this is a device that has been in the market for a while now and it has gained quite a popularity over the past few years. It’ s all the previous model enjoy a very good reputation. 

  • Wonderful Display
  • Out class performance
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Extra ordinary battery performance
  • Sleek and functional design

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Asus ZenBook Pro Duo

Well, this device looks like a thing from the future. With a dual-screen, it looks something different and futuristic. Well, the laptop is a thing that people are constantly trying to make changes in. Razer put a touch screen on the touchpad around  6 years ago. Apple removed the function key from the top and now Asus ZenBook Pro Duo is one of the best laptops for game development and can also be considered as the best gaming laptop. has come up with a dual-screen. If you are thinking that we have added  Asus ZenBook Pro Duo to this list just because of its futuristic design then this is not the case. YES, its futuristic design makes it look interesting but  Asus ZenBook Pro Duo overall is a very good device with all the specifications that can make it one of the best laptops for game development. It has a core i9 processor and you cannot ask for a better processor than this. As far as display is concerned, it has a 15.6 OLED display that would give a great user experience . It comes with a 16/32 GB DDR 4 ram which is more than enough for all the game development laptops needs. With 1Tb hard and m2 SSD, this is another big plus for this laptop.

Best gaming laptop
  • Screen Quality is excellent
  • Excellent computational Power.
  • Excellent Battery life
  • Confined Trackpad
  • Weighs a bit more.

Lenovo Legion Y720 Gaming Laptop

What makes this laptop really great is that it has all the specifications that you look for in good game development or a gaming laptop and it is providing all the specifications at a much much lower price as compared to other laptops with the same specs. It has a nice build quality. It has a gaming look that best suits its name. It actually looks like a laptop designed and built especially for game developers and gamers. From memory to storage to processor, it has all the specifications that a good gaming laptop must have. It has the best battery timing among all the laptops that we have discusses in this blog. It looks like a relay touch screen. Its keyboard is also very stylish and gives every techie look. In short, it has all the specs to be one of the best gaming laptops.

best laptops for game development

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HP Omen 15

This is another device that you can be considered as best laptops for game development or best game gaming. All of its specs are quite enough to make it a good laptop for game development and gaming. 

If we talk about its processor, It has an  Intel Core i7  2.6GHz processor. Its design is quite different. It has a diamond cut shape. It looks quite bulky and it is quite heavy. But all that said, it has that look that most of the best gaming laptops have. It also has an Nvidia graphics card. If we talk about its other specs like RAM, storage, and display, they are quite okay. One drawback that it has is the poor battery timing. It has a power backup of only 3.5 hours. 

Despite the bulky look and low battery backup, HP Omen 15 is a specially designed machine for gamers and game developers. Many game developers consider it as best laptops for game development and gamers prefer to use this laptop.

best laptops for game development
  • Wonderful cooling system , So laptop will not heat up.
  • Bares extra load at single time.
  • Battery life is extra ordinary great.
  • It’s fans randomly switch on when it seems laptop might get heat ( prevent from heat) So, I think there isn’t any significant Bad thing in this laptop

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